miércoles, abril 21

2PM’s Chansung for Men’s Health magazine

Step out Taecyeon because Chansung is here to take over your spot! 2PM’s maknae Chansung posed like a real man in the May issue of Men’s Health magazine.

Men’s Health magazine in Korea is known for being generous with the amount of topless men they put in their issues. We’ve seenSuper Junior’s Siwon’s abs, 2AM’s hidden masculinity and Jang Hyuk and Han Jung Soo’s six pack battle all in Men’s Health magazine. This just proves that allwomen should subscribe to this magazine.

For this spread, Chansung stripped down to show off his gorgeous six pack. I don’t see why all the attention is on Taecyeon when many of the other members have proved to having just as good if not better bodies.

Some of you have to agree with me on this one, right?

Well, except for the short shorts he is sporting in one of the photos, he looks very masculine and sexy. Ladies, do you like this side of 2PM’s maknae?

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