miércoles, abril 21

2PM’s Taecyeon selected as DK’s main model

Singer-turned-actor, and now officially a model,2PM’s Taecyeon has been selected to promote a fresh released Coca Cola product, Dynamic Kin.

Through a press release on the 21st, Coca Cola’s representative revealed, “We have recently selected 2PM’s Taecyeon as our new main model for Dynamic Kin, or DK.”

According the a related source, Taecyeon will begin his job with a CF filming which will start in April.

Taecyeon will appear in the commercial to represent the product, which supposedly brings out the energetic youth inside of you. With his well-toned body, he will portray the role of a muscular surfer.

“Currently radiating his young and free energy on stage, drama, and variety shows, Taecyeon’s image was very suitable to be our model,” the representative added.“DK’s inner message we wish to convey can be brought to the viewers efficiently with Taecyeon.”


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