viernes, abril 16

DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기: 100416 Message from JunSu to Singapore Fans

Source: Quest Group Fan Page (Facebook)
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(This photo of Junsu was taken in Beijing during dinner after Zuno's showcase)


We just received an emotional message from Junsu. This is what he said to Zuno’s manager –
“I am very worried when I come to Singapore for my brother’s showcase. It is my first time to the country and with so many legal issues going on I had no choice but to pull out from the fans meet in Singapore. I am afraid that my fans will hate me because of this and in turn they won’t support Zuno.”

We have assured Junsu that his fear is unfounded and have told him not to worry so much because his fans still love and support him and Zuno no matter what happens. Hwaiting!

PS: DON’T WORRY FANS, JUNSU IS STILL COMING TO SINGAPORE TO SUPPORT ZUNO. When he said that he had no choice but to pull out from the fans meet in Singapore, he was referring to the autograph and photo-taking session originally planned for those who had bought the membership package A. He will be performing one song and an interview during the showcase on 1 May. Catch him there!

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