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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기: 100422 Tohomobile Staff Blog

Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Even between photoshoots…

He doesn't allow himself to slack off from practicing for the new song!!

He keeps dancing and dancing and dancing and turning around!


The familiar scene

In the middle of carefully checking for his styling in front of the mirror!

You do have an obsession with your bang, don't you, Jun-chan!?


Dance lesson!

After the magazine promotion ended yesterday, he did a dance lesson!

Before filming for the PV, JunSu's face and body is full of fighting spirit!!

The dancers seem to have troubles following Teacher JunSu's high tension (LOL).


Someone please stop him!!

JunSu was dancing even during his break, so he was warned to take a break and…

He started playing piano


We warned him to stop singing and take a break and… JunSu started doing handstands.
JunSu won't stop~, someone please stop him~~!!


Just a talk between us

This is JunSu who is dancing by himself during a magazine photoshoot!

Seems like he can't wait until dance rehearsal..!

In the resting room, JunSu said "puritsuke" instead of "puriketsu*", but we fixed him (LOL).*Puriketsu: a word to describe a round and nice butt.

That is the Japanese word that JunSu has memorized lately ☆ This is just a talk between us only!


This is JunSu who doesn't know what tiredness is!

He easily handles the interviews & photoshoots at a mad pace.


With all his heart JunSu is signing autographs as presents for the readers!

To tell you the truth, for the sake of XIAH junsu's promotion, he's been trying hard to keep his body in shape lately.
He is very motivated and wouldn't eat anything after 6PM ♪ Teacher JunSu isall fired


JunSu carries on the interview with a very docile face!

But on one hand he's holding a manjuu**, what's that?? (LOL)

**Manjuu: steamed yeast bun with filling


JunSu can't be stopped even when he's outside!

We came all the way to this location, but the weather is…


Even so, Jun-chan is still singing and dancing (LOL).
JunSu's brain is 80% consisted of singing and dancing, the rest is probably soccer and games…

Since he still hasn't developed that much interest in fashion, our "Reconstructing Plan" is facing a lot of difficulties.….


Refreshing JunSu!

Refreshing XIAH junsu!!

During each interview, he'll definitely sing a song.

Since he is really really yearning to sing in front of everyone… seems like he can't be patient anymore


In the middle of a chat~!

JunSu finished his lunch in a short time, and he's in the middle of a chat!

By the way, the lunch that he finished in a short time was instant ramen!
JunSu's favorite thing isn't ramen but instant ramen.


I have something to ask…!

Everyone, do you think that he has gotten darker??

In the resting room, Teacher JunSu just keeps singing and dancing.

Everyone, get ready to catch JunSu's power… OK!? (in YuChun's style)***

***During tours, YuChun always says something like, "Everyone, get ready… OK?"

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