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2010-04-23 01:23:35

Twitting 3 times in a row, related to Non-chan

(T/N: Non-chan is the name of Kitagawa's daughter, 12 years old. She has just entered junior high school this April. )

I am hearing Non-chan's sound sleep-breath.

(few sentences omitted)

Oh, at last the incident came back to my memory.

"The episode (T/N: the 1st episode) finished when Haru (T/N: Juri Ueno) arrived, and a lady opened the door". Non-chan is talking about Sunanare .(T/N: Sunaoni Narenakute)
"Yes, Nakaji's girlfriend." I said. (T/N: Eita is playing the role Nakaji)
"Oh, really, is that lady Nakaji's girlfriend?"
"Yes, yes." I replied.
"Oh, I want to see the next episode."

Really? In our home, the TV is always off. So, up to this date, she hasn't watched any of my works.

"I see." I said.
"Yes. Please let me watch the recorded one later." Non-chan said, and fell asleep.

Maybe she was just saying flattering compliments…but I was happy.

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