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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기: 100424 TV Fan - Jejung Cuts

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Group Interview

First let's ask what your first impression of each other was.

--How is Ueno Juri?
JJ: Ueno Juri is very professional, seeing your acting is very beneficial.

--How is Jejung?
Juri: I've seen Jejung in tv before and thought that he was very handsome, and after I met him I thought he was kind of like a spoilt person. Sometimes he was a bit shy, very serious in rehearsals, and sometimes he makes jokes too.
Tamayama: Right right, usually when something happens his face will go red and he tries to hide it, he's very cute.
JJ: So i've become such an impression. (laughs)
Eita: When everyone's together, it feels really good, because we can clearly show what's good and what's bad.
Seki: He's a character that receives love~
Tamayama: But I feel that Jejung is the most worried, his anticipation is stronger than anyone else's and wants to communicate.

--How is Seki Megumi?
JJ: We chatted a lot when we first met, I think she has a really pretty personality.

--Then Tamayama Tetsuji who is the eldest of the five, what do you think of him?
JJ: He feels like the neighbour's older brother (laughs)

--Before filming started, everyone went together for a drink, how did you feel then?
Juri: Eita became friends with Jejung very quickly
JJ: Eita was really nervous, so I helped him to relax
Tamayama: I thought he was the same age as me so I kept drinking~ Fell for Jejung's trap~ (laughs) Then I forgot what happened after. I'm getting old... (laughs)
Eita: Jejung just kept drinking Soju.(laughs)

Individual Interview - Doctor

Jejung as Doctor, "One-sided love is very embarassinggg~"

-What kind of a man is Doctor?
JJ: Even though he goes through a lot of hardships that make people worry, he's very hard-working, and works diligently at life everyday. I look up to him as a person.

--The other actors have also said that Jejung is very cute, and that was received well?
JJ: Even though my Japanese is a little off and not perfect, I don't know if we can think of him that way. Overall there was laughter, because everyone could laugh openly...

-So the Doctor has a one-sided love for Haru?
JJ: Because I can't properly act out the "one-sided love", I feel very embarrassed. During rehearsals my face always turns red. One-sided love is definitely not easy. (laughs)

--The other staff has also seen your acting and felt a heart squeeze?
JJ: I don't feel that usually, but that even makes my heart turn red... But because it's an one-sided love, saying things in front of her will always make my face red.

--Please leave a message for the readers.
JJ: When I challenge new things, the excitement of it feels really good, I really anticipate what reaction this will bring for everyone.

Seki Megumi - Peach/Nishimura Hikari
Tamayama Tetsuji - Linda/Ichihara Kaoru

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