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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기: 100428 Tohoshinki’s Yuchun's Drama Debut On Birthday. Junsu Sings Theme Song And Interlude

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Going on indefinite break at the peak of their popularity, Tohoshinki’s member Yuchun started his solo activities starring in a drama “Beautiful Love ~If you were here~” (Every Wednesday, 12 episodes, 10 min per episode) and will start airing via mobile phone program producer BeeTV on 4th of June (Monday). As for the date of the drama debut, it will be during Yuchun’s 24th birthday.

For this drama, Yuchun plays the role of Yunsoo, the son of a Korean Conglomerate. Hinata is a journalist who dreams of being a novelist and their love story accidentally begins. This is a typical Cinderella story which every girl dreams about. The female lead is Aya Oomasa, who is a popular model and also acted in “Perfect Girl Evolution” (TBS). Filming was mainly done in the city, at various popular spots around Tokyo as the setting of their date scenes. Both of them showed natural acting talent.

“With no prior acting experience, and moreover to be using Japanese, I was really nervous. Because was also no time to practice before shooting, the manager and I had to go through the readings many times at home to prepare for the next day, after the day’s shoot. I wanted to do well so I was really under insecure and pressured.” Said Yuchun, looking back at the shoot.

Commenting on the character he plays, “Yunsoo is a rich man’s son who has everything, but he is actually very lonely. He has no sense of value in his life. Like how Yunsoo has Hinata. I have members who are like family to me, and I have fans with me, because there are people around to support me, I am happy.” With regards to his performance, “I’m interested in acting, I want to become a singer and an actor, that is my dream,” showing his enthusiasm as a performer.

In this memorable drama for Yuchun, another Tohoshinki member Junsu, with a solo debut under the name “XIAH Junsu,” will be performing the theme song and interlude for the drama. For the companion that has been growing together with him on the music stage, supporting Yuchun in his new challenge on the acting front. On the choice of song, the producer said, “ We really wanted Junsu to sing the theme song, even if it's said to be selfish. Nowadays, in Japan we are lacking passion and intensity. And Yuchun’s acting and Junsu’s singing showed so much passion.” Junsu also commented “ The drama’s story fits well into the world that the lyrics create, and I sang the song like I was acting.”

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