miércoles, mayo 19

2AM’s Changmin goes topless for Cosmopolitan

2AM’s Changmin recently did a photoshoot withCosmopolitan for their June issue as he went shirtless and shared his story about getting a toned body like him.

Changmin stated, “After I lost weight, the way people looked at me changed. When I wake up in the morning I drink 500 ml of water, take vitamins, and eat half an apple. Then I eat chicken breasts every 3 hours, and eat about one sweet potato with that. When I get hungry, I eat a small salad.

Through his persistence with the diet, Changmin lost 30 kg (about 66 lbs) in 5 years. Now, that’s impressive! The June issue will be out on May 20th.

Shame about the COSMOPOLITAN slapped across his abs.

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