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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100511 ARENA37℃ June Issue – [Beautiful Love~君がいれば (Kimiga Ireba)~] Broadcast will Begin on 4th of June!

source: ARENA37℃ June Issue + baidutvxq
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Q: What were your thoughts when you received the offer to star in this Japanese TV drama?
- I have never acted before, plus having to speak in Japanese… Frankly speaking, I was really uneasy.

Q: What left the deepest impression on you during the shooting of this drama?
- I didn’t have enough time to practice as the shooting for the drama took place immediately. Every day after the shooting was done, I would spend countless hours in my room with my manager, going through the script and preparing myself for the next day. There was almost no time to sleep and I often asked myself if I could do this well. Because I felt anxiety and the pressure of doing well, I couldn’t sleep well too. Even though I was forced to eat, I had no appetite, so it was really hard! However, the moment the shooting took place, I enjoyed it. It feels really good to be able to experience a life that’s not my own. Even though the shooting has only taken place for a week, I’ve had a lot of inspirational and moving moments.

Q: You’re playing the character of Youngsu a young man who comes from an extremely wealthy background and displays a strong attitude towards anyone. This is not a very good character trait. Is it very different from your own character?
- Even though Youngsu may seem to be a person who is fulfilled or satisfied in every way, he is actually rather lonely. From a moral point of view, he does not seem to know what is important. Though I am different from Youngsu, I understand how he feels. Just like what Hinata told Youngsu, now that I have a crew who treats me like family and supporters who like me, I feel blessed.

Q: Youngsu changed after meeting Hinata in Japan. What is Yoochun’s one encounter that changed his life?
- There’s a lot; in this drama, I understand now the joys of acting because I was given the chance to know many outstanding actors, actresses, director and crew members. After having been an artiste, I now have the dream to become an actor. This was really a life-changing encounter!

Q: This is your debut in Japan’s acting scene. Would you want to continue acting in the future?
- Definitely! However, my greater wish is to be able to sing as soon as possible.

Q: Finally, please tell us something about this drama that we can look forward to.
- If you are able to understand both Youngsu’s and Hinata’s thoughts and emotions, it will definitely be very interesting! Also, the theme song that is sung by Xiah Junsu is also something to look out for so keep an eye out for it.

Artiste: Xiah Junsu

Regarding the theme song of the drama that stars Yoochun as the lead

I heard that Yoochun is starring in this drama, and because the story plot and content is very good, I will do my best to make the drama more appealing with my song. I have been to the scene of the shoot once, and after seeing how Yoochun and everyone else worked hard in order to produce a perfect piece of work, I also immersed myself in that atmosphere.
[君がいれば~Beautiful Love] is a new composition written especially for this drama, so please listen and feel the emotions captured within this song. In order to reciprocate the producer’s expectations towards me, and to match the song composition written for this new drama, I will use my unique way of singing this song.

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