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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100516 WHAT's IN? June Issue - Snapshots Taken

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Today is WHAT’s IN’s release day.

This month is Junsu’s peak of being in magazines~

Eveyone~~ When looking forward to the release of a magazine, do you buy it immediately as soon as it comes out?
Are your wallets tight?

Because I intend to buy a CD so everyday I patiently wait… patiently…


Here is [WHAT’s IN]’s insider interview.

So, let’s continue to reveal more secrets in ‘WHAT’s IN’ (laughs).

This time, we conducted an interview in the studio, but in the middle of the interview, suddenly, something caught Junsu’s attention.

Just as he was speaking very seriously about the song, he suddenly let out an “Oh”.
Seeing the photographer preparing, he asked, “That person is…”
“Ah, ah, it’s the photographer! Let me introduce him”, upon hearing this, (his) eyes gave off a “!!” glint (laughs).
The shooting was done by a foreigner, Jeff Johnson.

Junsu, after the interview was completed and after changing clothes, ran over to where Johnson was and enthusiastically said, “Nice to meet you! How are you?”, enthusiastically exchanging handshakes.

The shooting starts!

Johnson asked, “Erm, use English, OK?”

“!NO!NO! I can’t speak (English)at all, I was just faking it just now~ Eu kyang kyang~”

Indeed it’s Junsu~ !

Even though having not seen (him) for a long time, Junsu is still that Junsu (laughs).
During the middle of the shooting, (he) also said “Everyone is a foreigner, but talk to each other in Japanese, feels a bit strange~”.
Ah, this is for certain!

(They) took very handsome, cool and perfect pictures in a warm and harmonious environment. Please check it~

The web site:

Just thinking of that scene will make you smile.
There, not only the XIAH Junsu image was displayed, but also the really cute Jun-Jang ah~(^O^)

A card will be given~ of course the photographer is Jeff Johnson(^^)v

Try and feel the charisma of Junsu before buying the magazine…

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