lunes, mayo 10

MBLAQ G.O and Mir show off their nose and armpit hair?

Boy Group MBLAQ’s GO and Mir’s comical photos have caused interest.

On the 8th, on MBC ‘Park Kyunglim’s Starry Night’ on the ‘Starry Night Picture’ board there were pictures of MBLAQ uploaded from when they participated on the radio broadcast.

The appearance of these photos are of GO and Mir using the feathers on GO’s clothes and using them to put on their nose and armpits.

The ‘Starry Night’ staff have left comments filled with sense saying, “It is the gentlemen symbol for GO, the brand nose mustache is something no one can follow, and the famous Mir with his even ‘armpit,’ exuberant idols have grown.”

They also introduced Mir’s peculiar taste in women, “Mir likes clean ‘armpits’ and pretty feet. The girl’s fingernails must be long, and likes nice nail art on the finger.”

The viewers of these pictures have left comments such as “MBLAQ’s variety sense is getting better” and “This is MBLAQ’s charm.”

C: Mir-ified @ AbsoluteMblaq

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