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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100606 Tohoshinki Sheds Their Tears at Kyocera Dome with 46,000 Audience Members

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The three members of popular group Tohoshinki - JeJung, YuChun, JunSu - kicked off their Dome tour at Osaka Kyocera Dome on the 5th.

It's been almost 5 months since JeJung and YuChun stood on stage. It's the first live for the trio. They created a new record for the venue with 46,000 audiences attended, making it the largest number of audiences at Kyocera Dome. At that venue, in the midst of the audience's cheering, being overwhelmed with emotion, JeJung said in tears, "We were very worried and insecure when we were planning for this live. We wondered if fans would come to see us…. But I'm glad now." JunSu also got teary and said, "I'm very glad that a lot of you came." In total, they sang 18 songs with enthusiasm. Amongst the 18 songs, there are 4 new songs; and one is called "
Itsudatte Kimi ni" (To you, always), whose release date is undecided.

Since last July, the trio has been on a legal dispute with their Korean agency regarding their contracts. After holding many conferences, they have come to a bitter decision to stop Tohoshinki's activities indefinitely. YuChun even said that he wanted to retire as a singer. However, thanks to the warm words of encouragement by fans, he regained himself and was able to stand on his feet again.

The concert of this Dome tour is to express their gratitude towards fans. In the end, YuChun said in tears, "We decided to continue singing to express our gratitude towards fans." JeJung also said while weeping, "We want to bring you smiles."

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