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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100625 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Yunho

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YunHo Time!

Today YunHo is in Japan for many magazine photoshoots!

Since it's been a while since he saw the staff, he started off the photoshoots by shaking hands with them!



This time it's YunHo who's being interviewed.

He talked a lot about "No Limit ~Heading to The Ground~" ♪


Nice feeling~!

Next is his photoshoot for "MORE" magazine which will be published on 7/28!
Although the wind was strong… it seems like YunHo was feeling very good to have a outdoor shooting ♪

Good thing it wasn't raining!


Sexy YunHo ★

This time, YunHo looks thi~s seductive!!

Please look forward to "Chorus" which will be published on 7/28 ♪
There was even a watermelon in the studio ☆
YunHo got very excited and said, " I love watermelon!" ♪

T/N: Words on the watermelon: YunHo-san

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