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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100626 Appealing July Issue

Source: Appealing July Issue + Hey!JJ
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“Everyone must have a lot to say to us. We are very well aware of it. There are times when we cannot cry even though we really want to, so while we are standing here on stage, we wish to let it all out, to our hearts’ content, including what we have held back in previously.” That was what was expressed by the trio before the performance at Osaka.

“Then again, when we see everyone gathered in front of us, full of smiles on your faces, it might not be the right time to cry, and because we are blessed by your smiles, we would like to personally face everything with a smile too.” JeJung expressed to everyone towards the end of the performance.

JeJung and YuChun have appeared as actors before everyone through Mizuki’s sunao ni narenakute and BeeTV’s television drama respectively, while JunSu has also released his first solo track intoxication. After having focused on their own solo activities for a period of time, the gathering of the trio caused a great excitement at the event.

Furthermore, mostly at the Tokyo Dome’s event, numerous big-scaled and rarely seen stage equipments were added, including the tilting runways and clear big screens at all corners of the stage. No matter where one was seated at in the huge auditorium, one could always see the trio clearly and up-close. However, there was a trace of surprise on their faces as the platform started going up while they sung いつだって君に at the opening. During the MC segment, one could also see that they were quite nervous. As this performance was only carried out through four sessions at two venues, Tokyo and Osaka, fans from all over the world vied for tickets for the performances. But through detailed accounts, we still hoped to let everyone, especially for the fans who were not able to make it for the event live, experience for themselves how spectacular the event were.

Frankly speaking, though, what was more precious than the event was what JeJung was trying to convey through the words that he had spoken earlier. In the opening of the MC segment, JunSu said, “If I am unable to sing again, then it would be no different from dying, so from here on I still want to continue to sing, for as long as I can, with all my might.” YuChun also said after that, “Having seen how everyone have encouraged us with your love, the only thing I can do is to work even harder, and I also hope that there will be even more a mutual understanding between (everyone and) us, and we are very grateful for how everyone has waited for us.” After this, JeJung honestly expressed his feelings by saying, “We are really thankful that so many people have attended this performance.

From everyone’s perspective, even though we are unable to be by everyone’s side realistically, we are really grateful for this, just being able to have you sing together with us, smile with us and cry with us. We are also motivated by this, and we will work even harder from now onwards to reciprocate everyone’s love. Please continue to support us in the future.” Probably (and I really mean probably) what the trio never thought of, was that the lyrics of the last song long way and the encore song w really described what everyone felt,

“Even though we are separated now/But because there is still a future to move towards/We do not want to lie to ourselves. Facing the future a step at a time/Forging towards the road ahead. Even though I cannot be with you now/But I will never ever forget you/I will always guard the place where you are/Just for that moment when we will be able to meet again. All the effort that I am putting in now/It is all because I want to meet you again.”

Such lyrics can be comprehended simply as lyrics of a love song, or lyrics that has a deeper meaning, but no matter what, what the trio can do now is to work hard and move forward, to prepare well for the activities from here on, to look ahead, to strive on. Is it not good the way it is now? To do what we can to help the three of them, and the future, whether if it is to the three of them, or to everyone who is continually giving them support, is it not filled with dreams and hopes?

Through the three hours while keeping this in mind, the trio also announced during the performance that they have decided to participate in a-nation this summer, and that the new tracks that they have performed will also be released soon. The trio also shared on stage later, in order to meet all the fans in Japan, they will work harder from now onwards to hold more live events. A full detailed message will be released in the magazine from here on.

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