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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100626 Tohomobile Staff Blog

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The truth is…

YunHo had his hair trimmed a bit before the second session of his event began! Can you tell~?

This is YunHo with his "I'm going!" pose!!


Getting excited!!

The moment YunHo appeared on stage, the hall busted with cheering!!

YunHo responded to the audience by waving his hands and said, "I can see you all~!" ♪


It was very fun~~!

The 2 sessions of his event have ended smoothly! Since it's been a while since he stood on the stage, he was nervous but had a lot of fun too ♪ It is thanks to the passionate cheering of everyone ★ Thank you very much!

After the event, YunHo asked, "Do you want to to take double YunHo~!?" and smiled sweetly in front of the mirror!

"Everyone~ it was fun wasn't it~!! Thank you!!!
Please look forward to the time we can meet again ♪
by YunHo"

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