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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100627 Kanon August Issue

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May 2010, Asia’s top group, Dong Bang Shin Ki whose member, Xiah JunSu has started his activities as a solo singer. Through his charismatic and sexy self, he has expressed a new attractiveness. Asia’s number one singer, Xiah JunSu’s special series!

From the JunSu of Dong Bang Shin Ki to the solo singer Xiah JunSu.

Real name: Kim JunSu
Birthdate: 1st January 1987
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Bloodtype: B

Debuted as Dong Bang Shin Ki’s member on 26th December 2003, their popularity covers not only Japan and Korea, but also the whole of Asia. Less than two years after their debut, on April 2005, they debuted in Japan with ‘Stay With Me Tonight’, and officially started their activities in Japan as a JPop group.

Though their songs became hit songs as soon as they were released, in Japan, they spent some time for people to get to know the name of ‘TOHOSHINKI’. The result of their continuous hardwork took place in June 2007 when they had their concert at Budokan Hall for the first time. ‘Purple Line’ that was released in January 2008 ranked number one on the Oricon chart for the first time. At the end of 2008, they attended NHK ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen’. While in July 2009, they stood on the stages of a sold-out Tokyo Dome for the first time, a feat that no other Korean artists have ever achieved before. However just when their popularity was at its peak, April 2010, they announced an indefinite suspension of their activities which was caused a huge impact on all their fans in Japan and Korea.

Actor, Solo, Unit. A more matured JunSu.

This year, JunSu took part in a Korean musical ‘Mozart!’ for the first time, where he tried out the role of a musical actor. Fans from Japan and China had flown in to Korea to watch his performances. His first musical has also received great success, and he was awarded the ‘Best Male Beginner’ award at the 4th Musical Awards that took place in June. He thanked his fans during the ceremony and also expressed his joy of receiving the award.

At the same time, he has also become more active as a singer. Not only did he release a Japanese version named ‘Xiahtic’, on 26th May, he also released his first single ‘Intoxication’ as a solo singer. On top of that, a drama’s theme song was also included in the single. From these we can see that the attention everyone has on him is really high.

With the single marking a beginning, JunSu has officially started his solo activities. At the same time, together with JaeJoong and YooChun, they have also started their activities as a three-person unit, where they were named as JYJ. In June, the 3 of them held their ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome’ concert at both Osaka Kyocera Dome and Tokyo Dome. Though every single one in Tohoshinki has the ability of being a lead vocal, JunSu is the most outstanding one among them. And his dance and performance appraisals are the highest too. Believe he is going to exert all of his abilities to full potential during his solo activities promotion. Also, his twin brother has just debuted, which is something to take note of.

Bright, Cheerful, JunSu – The king card of yoyogi performance.

Imagination of Music – The strength of Fashion. The potential of leading Fashion – The strength of Music. Combine them both and exert the maximum charisma…

‘Girls Award’ that was held on the 22nd May is an event that was based on the idea above. This is also the official comeback performance for Erika Sawajiri, who at the same time announced the release of her new song. However the main focus of the night that caused fans to flock to the event, was none other than Xiah JunSu. Because the order of the performances was not disclosed beforehand, JunSu’s fans had waited up to 5 and a half hours. Just at the moment where the fans were not able to wait any longer, the big screen flashed the words ‘Asia’s No.1 Singer’, JunSu has appeared. The whole event hall was then covered by red lightsticks instantly and exploded with screams.

The first song was ‘Intoxication’. Dressed in black and performing together with his dancers to give an energetic stage. The sounds of his solo stage exposed an overwhelming existence.

During the MC section, he stated, “Really happy to be able to attend Girls Award”, and he continued to introduce his solo single that will be released on the 26th May. During the talk, he cupped his hand on his ear and asked the audience, “Is everyone high?”

The matured JunSu is back.

JunSu, with the catchy lyrics and rhythm of his song, has incited everyone to explode with vitality. Yes, that’s the introduction to his composed piece ‘Xiahtic’. Just the introduction alone made everyone highly excited. From the starting to the end, the screaming from the fans has never stopped. During the sexy dance with the female dancer, it has sparked a wave of adult-like feelings. At the bridge of the song, JunSu led his dancers and walked passed the centre walkway and disclosed a dazzling dance move at the centre stage. Towards the end of the song, he removed his jacket, lightly licked his lips with a really sexy expression. The last scene was the kiss with the female dancer? Even so, his dance had not ended.

What we clearly see is not only the Tohoshinki’s JunSu, but a solo single, Xiah JunSu. Lastly he waved at the audience with both arms and bowed. Bringing with him a grown-up look that we have not seen before, growing up at twice the speed and returning back on stage.

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