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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100627 Television August Issue

Source: Television August Issue + baiduTVXQ
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JunSu – “If I can’t sing then I can’t live, I want to continue singing like this.”
Birth Date: 1 January 1987
Birth Place: Korea
Blood Type: B
- Known as the “Child Prodigy” of Music in Korea, he released his first solo single on 25 May under the name of XIAHjunsu
“If I can’t sing then I can’t live, to me, being able to stand on stage to sing is something very precious to me. I want to continue singing till the day I die. I felt really uneasy when we decided on the Dome concert, but in these four days since Osaka Dome, it felt like a dream just being able to stand on the stage each time and I am really happy.”

YuChun – “I was really worried if I could stand on the stage at Tokyo Dome again.”
Birth Date: 4 June 1986
Birth Place: Korea
Blood Type: O
- Having grown up in America, he is good at authentic American rap, and he is currently starring in a BeeTV television drama
“It is precisely because of everyone’s help and love, that why we can be where we are today. I want to work harder in the activities from here on, and I also wish to have a mutual understanding with everyone. To everyone who has been waiting, I am really thankful that we were able to hold a concert here last year. I was really worried if I could stand on the stage at Tokyo Dome again, but we are here because of everyone. We are very grateful and we will continue to work hard for future activities. Please also continue to help us.”

JeJung – “Is it not blissful, that we are able to sing, dance and smile with all our hearts, and that everyone is able to show us your smiles?”
Birth Date: 26 January 1986
Birth Place: Korea
Blood Type: O
- Debut in Japan in 2005 as Tohoshinki and made his debut acting in Fuji’s television drama Sunao Ni Narenakute
“From our first performance at Osaka until our finale today, due to everyone who has been supporting us, all our insecurities have vanished. To everyone who attended our performance , from the bottom of our hearts, we are really thankful. Compared to all the frustrations and sadness, everyone probably want to see our sincere smiles even more. On the first day on stage at the Osaka performance, we thought that there were just the three of us so we let go of all our feelings, but after seeing everyone cry, we felt very sad, so we cannot cry here. Only on stage can we smile, sing and dance to our hearts’ content, and everyone who is with us would definitely feel blessed. Is it not more meaningful to have a performance whereby we can look at each other and smile together? From today onwards we will want to continue singing with the initial intention that we held in our hearts when we first debuted, so everyone please continue to give us your support.”

Welcome Back
On 12 & 13 June, JunSu, JeJung and YuChun held performances at Tokyo Dome. In order to express their thoughts and feelings to the 50,000 plus fans who had been watching over them, they sang 《いつだって君に》 and a few new songs passionately and with all the feelings they held within them for so long. There was not much emphasis on the stage equipment, instead, the spotlight was on the soul-filled, passionate singing, along with the three’s individual personalities, overwhelming sense of presence and powerful abilities. On the other hand, during the MC segment, every fan was tickled by YuChun’s innocent smile when he was teased about his kissing scene in his drama, and touched at the same time by that comfortable familiarity. At the end, the three of them sang a new song w while facing each other, converging the feelings that they felt then. Gradually, weeping noises came from amongst the audience, and the one who said that they did not want to cry on stage and that “to be able to stand on stage at the Dome is like a dream” (YuChun), could not help but choked on his words. Regarding the CD with their new songs, it has not been confirmed yet, but we will definitely be looking out for their activities from now onwards.

NEWS: Release of 3hree Voices DVD on Wednesday, 28 July
The birth of a new group consisting of JunSu, JeJung and YuChun
Recordings of each of them in Australia, Canada and Korea respectively, along with footage from the live performances
Participation in a-nation in October

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