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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100627 Yunho's Fan Meeting for HTTG

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Tokyo International Forum, June 26

The special poster at the entrance of the Tokyo International Forum.

Goodies stand.

Goodies, all sold out!

Yunho’s costumes in HTTG, FC Seoul.

Again, Yunho’s costume. We had to queue thirty minutes for the 20 seconds filming time.

Stage before the event.

Yesterday, June 26, I went to Yunho’s HTTG fan meeting at Tokyo International Forum!

I went to the evening version, starting 18:00. The Tokyo International Forum was full, up to 5000 fans.

The lights were down, and Yunho’s voice came out. He was speaking of the drama; the drama work was decided in the first of 2009, and that he was worried that he should take the leading role in his first drama, and such. His message was for about 10 minutes, he was speaking in broken Japanese, lol. Yunho, keep it up!
First the audience was cheering, but immediately they were quiet to hear Yunho’s voice. Yunho’s fans are always serious, attagal!

Yunho himself appeared on stage! He was wearing a black jacket, the collar part glittering in the lights. Underneath he was wearing a black tank top, and I could also see a white line. (Maybe he was wearing two tank tops? ) Jeans. Black sneakers with thick soles.
Since I was sitting in the 12th row, I was able to see almost the life size Yunho! Kya~~~kya~~~ He was cool looking, good figure!!! He was smiling his soft and tender smile, sooooooo lovely!
He had in his hand a soccer ball, and he made a goal! Oh, our Cha Bong Gun is on stage, great!

After exchanging greetings with the MC (a woman who seemed to be much older than Yunho, lol), urged by the MC, Yunho moon walked on stage, lightly spinning around at the last. The dancing Yunho, so cool & handsome! Please dance till the end! (lol)

Ara –chan also appeared~~so cute, tall, slender, and so young! (She said that she was just 20 years old, and called Yunho “Yuno-oppa” throughout the talks.). She had lovely Japanese pronunciation. Yunho and Ara are truly a good looking couple, I was crazy with jealously, lol.

The next 40 minutes was the talk show about the drama. For Yunho and Ara to concentrate on their roles, they were speaking in Korean, with the translator in between. Really?! Yunho, did you forget your Japanese? (lol)

The contents of the talks were based on the video “Yunho selected best 3, the parts where he wanted the fans to see his acting performance”. In between, we heard Yunho and Ara’s comments in Korean, and the translator translated their words to Japanese. I was delighted to hear the fluent Korean from Yunho’s mouth, but, ummmm……honestly, I had a sense of discomfort. We Japanese are used to hear Tohoshinki’s Japanese, however funny and broken it should be. It seemed as though I was in a regular Korean wave actor’s fan meeting. The time seemed to flow at a slow speed.

Yunho and Ara went backstage, and the backstage images for the drama’s OST (to be released on August 25) was shown. The backstage images were those taken during Yunho’s HTTG mini-promotion in May, there should be approx 5 minutes of the video).

Again, Yunho appeared on stage, in the same clothes. Starting from here, Yunho started to talk in Japanese with the MC. I was relieved. Yunho, you haven’t forgotten your Japanese, maybe you could not make out the difficult sentences, lol
Here there was a brain teaser. The audience selected the right answer, so 20 people were selected to be the winners of the special event poster, with Yunho’s original signature. Yunho selected the winners from the box, and the seat numbers were announced from the MC. Every time the winners were announced, there was cheers and sighs from the audience.

The last was approaching. Yunho gave us a message “I will do my best in the future in order to show a different Yunho . Please hold up the hope. Yunho was saying the words clearly and cheerfully, maybe he was able to overcome some difficulties, his words were strong and positive, laughing in between his lovely “Ahaha” laugh. I was relieved and also very happy to see the cheerful Yunho!

Since it was a rather quiet time ( I was sitting for all the 90 minutes, never this situation happens in their concerts), Yunho took the lead and the audience sent a shout-out to the Korean national soccer team, their game in the World cup was to scheduled to be held on the same evening.

Lastly, Yunho said the phrase that we all know, “Mata aeru karane (we will be able to meet again)”. Hearing those words, I was in tears. Yunho went backstage looking back to the audience, waving his hand.

Yunho, thank you for your lovely smile~~lovin’ you always!

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