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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100628 JYJ files lawsuit against SM

Source: TVXQBaidu + ohmicky
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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News released by the Seoul Central District Court on the 28th states that the TVXQ trio have filed lawsuit against SM demanding earnings from album sales.

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Whilst SM maintains that a 13 year exclusive contract is necessary to compensate for time lost during overseas activities, the trio argue that other artists with overseas activities have much shorter contracts e.g. SS501 have a 5 year contract, Big Bang have a 6 year contract and the Wonder Girls have a 7 year contract. This provides full proof that having overseas activities does not in any way necessitate a longer contract, as SM claims.

They also contend that SM must first pay each member (of the trio) 10 billion won. To date, TVXQ's revenue has totaled to 60 billion won; excluding any other supplemental fees, SM should pay each of the five members 10 billion won.

Last October, the court made the decision that SM must no longer interfere with any of the trio's individual activities.

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