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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100629 U-Know Yunho Gets Japanese Fans To Clap To "Dae~HanMinGuk"

Source: [kukinews+Yuaerubi]
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U-Know Yunho, who traveled to Japan to promote his drama, is getting a delayed positive response from netizens for teaching his Japanese fans the special cheer and claps used to cheer for the Korean national soccer team.

According to a Youtube video uploaded by a Japanese news agency, U-Know Yunho visited Japan to commemorate the DVD release of his first drama 'Heading to the Ground'. 5000 people attended the event.

In the drama, he played the role of a soccer player. Therefore, the subject of the questions being asked smoothly transitioned from soccer to the World Cup. U-Know Yunho was excited that both Korea and Japan had entered the top 16 and said, "Asia is strong."

Following this, the MC asked him, "Do you cheer (for the national soccer team) at home?" U-Know Yunho replied, "I dance or sing 'O Pilseung Korea'." He also said that he shouts "'Clap-Clap~Clap-Clap-Clap' DaeHanMinGuk."

As if they had been waiting for such an answer, the Japanese fans clapped five times to the beat and cheered. U-Know Yunho said, "That was amazing," and praised the Japanese fans for following the Korean cheer so well.

Korean netizens who saw the video stated, "It's cute to see Japanese fans following the Korean cheer," and "It's great to see him working hard to spread awareness of Korea in Japan."

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