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Heechul, Yoona and Nicole has less than a minute of solo in their group’s songs

A new episode of Family Outing 2 finally aired on June 27th and during the broadcast, the idol stars on the show had a bizarre competition where they compared the length of their solo parts in their group’s title track songs since debut.

The three idols nominated for this were SNSD’s Yoona, Super Junior’s Heechul andKARA’s Nicole. In the end, the trio all suffered humilation as their individual solo parts amounted to less than one minute. Heechul kicked off the competition and his total length was just 37s for 6 Super Junior songs.

Next up was Yoona and she fared no better. Having predicted 50s for herself, her total was slightly better with 42s for seven songs like Into the New World, Girls’ Generation, Kissing You, GEE, Genie, Run Devil Run, Oh!. Everyone was shocked when they realized Yoona had only sang, “I just want to tell you” for Oh!.

Nicole though ended up as a marginal winner with 45s. But her group is much smaller so it wouldn’t be good to compare. But it was just something fun.

This is the full cut, starts at 1:30.

On the other hand, the family members held a birthday party for Yoona and the highlight among the presents was the one from Taecyeon. He followed up with his perfume gift earlier, by handing Yoona a “Y” initial necklace.

This is the full cut, starts at 1:46.

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