viernes, junio 25

Heechul’s special relationship with Siwon

Super Junior’
s quirky member Kim Heechul revealed that his relationship with fellow member Choi Siwon was similar to a relationship between grandmother and grandson.

On the 24th, Heechul posted a magazine photo via twitter of himself and Siwon. He wrote alongside the picture (see above), “Siwon and I are complete opposites.” In the picture, the two are wearing vest jackets and facing opposite directions just like Heechul implied. Although the picture has a dark mood, it also shows their individual colors.

I addition to those words, Heechul also continued, “Maybe it is for that reason that Siwon listens to my words as if they’re like interesting heroic stories. When we go abroad I tend to share rooms with Siwon a lot. During those times, I tell stories to Siwon similar to how a grandmother tells her grandson stories.”

This late night story relationship between Heechul and Siwon was also mentioned on a KBS night variety program where Siwon stated that once he and Heechul spent the entire night talking until 7 in the morning.

Fans who came across Heechul’s Twitter left comments such as “Tell me stories too” and “What kind of things do you tell Siwon?”

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