lunes, junio 28

Jo Kwon to release digital single

2AM’s Jo Kwon
serenaded Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In with the cute and funny Moving Song on the recent We Got Married Season 2 episode, and most of you guys were probably wondering how to get a hold of this song.

Well, you guys are in for a treat.

With the help of the song writer Shim Eun Ji, Jo Kwon’s Moving Song was finally completed and prepared as a surprise present for his on-screen wife, Ga-In. The Moving Song will make an official release with the title, The Day I Confessed, instead. 2AM’s management, Big Hit Entertainment stated, “After The Day I Confessed was revealed through the broadcast as Jo Kwon’s surprise event for Ga-In, there were a lot of fans asking for the complete and finished product. It’s been decided for an official release as a fanservice for the Adam Couple fans.”

Shim Eun Ji expressed, “I produced this song while imagining Jo Kwon confessing to Ga-In. This song can be heard in a funny way, but due to Jo Kwon’s bright personality, the song sounds sweet and happy.”

The digital single of The Day I Confessed will be an upgraded version of the Moving Song in terms of both the melody and the lyrics. The song will be released at the end of June, so stay tuned!

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