lunes, junio 28

ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as Avatar on ShimShimTaPa

MBC radio ‘ShimShimTaPa’ DJs ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as characters from movie Avatar.

The 2 had promised to transformed as characters from Avatar even though the South Korean team did not managed to enter the top 8 World Cup teams on their Twitter on 28th June. And on 29th June during ‘ShimShimTapa’, the 2 were really seen transformed as Avatar characters.

Listeners’ comments were, “I was shocked to see them with the makeup”, “This is incredible”, “Fun” etc. ShinDong said, “We did say that we will transform as Avatars if S.Korean team enter the top 8 in World Cup, but even though they did not managed to do so, we have came to the show transformed as Avatars.”

Park Gyuri said, “Today you will be able to see us on ShimShimTaPa. Even though the S.Korean team did not make it in World Cup, they have worked hard and ShinDong and I have decided! Please look forward to our Avatar transformation.”

Meanwhile, the 2 also posed with DJ Park GyungRim with their blue Avatar makeup on.

S: MTStarNews

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