lunes, junio 28

A showdown between Jo Kwon and Junho

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently posted two photos onto his mini homepage taken with 2PM’s Junho!

In the first photo, their masculinity and charismatic and electrifying stares are left untouched. However, the second photo does a total 180 degrees turn as Junho suddenly has entire left harm up and in locked position to flick Jo Kwon’s forehead, while Jo Kwon is trying to lean away from Junho.

Along with the latter photo, Jo Kwon added some more fun to this comical photo with the face off comment, “어쭈 (What do you think you’re doing?).”

Netizens have humorously commented, “What does he think he’s doing? Junho, put your hand down”, “Jo Kwon flinched”, “Jo Kwon do the same thing as Junho.”

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