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2AM Jo Kwon on Park YongHa’s sudden death, “He was there at the recording studio then”

2AM Jo Kwon writes about actor Park YongHa’s suicide on his Twitter. The actor was found dead at his home on 30th June.

Jo Kwon wrote on his Twitter on 30th June after the news, “It has been gloomy lately. He was there when we were recording for the song ‘Like A Fool’. May you rest in peace, Park YongHa seonbaenim.”

The song ‘Like A Fool’ is the title song off MBC drama ‘Personal Taste’ which was aired in May. And in April, 2AM did the recording of the song and back then, Park YongHa was also present at their recording studio.

Meanwhile, fans of the actor are still in shock over the actor’s sudden death. And in Japan, many fansites also wrote, “It is not true that ‘YongHa jjang’ has left the world right?” Fans are still in disbelief regarding the unfateful news.

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