miércoles, julio 7

2AM’s Changmin is a superhero

2AM’s Jo Kwon
has been actively updating his Twitter on their whereabout on the Wonder Girls World Tour, however, we haven’t heard much from the other members.

Changmin posted a comical picture on his Twitter earlier today with the description,

before i came to usa~^^ in our house!! i tried to fly~ with my cape~>_<

It appears that the cape is a Riddler cape from Six Flags Magic Mountain from theirprior trip to Los Angeles in May for the JYP Concert.

Jo Kwon also posted a photo of the 2AM members at a gym in Colorado. Looks like these guys are making sure to stay in shape even during the tour.

Jo Kwon tweeted,

2AM in the process of our morning workout~~!! 8AM~~Today also Go Go!!

2AM is currently in Colorado with the Wonder Girls on their World Tour. They will be heading east tomorrow for their next show in Illinois.

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