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2PM’s Chansung and Junho teach their beastly ways on Star King


Most of you guys would associate these men with beasts, right? It comes as no surprise that 2PM’s Chansung andJunho gave a short lesson on the recent Star King to a troubled boy who wants to learn how to become manlier.

With a skinny body, pretty face, and the skills to dance sexier than most girls, 16 year old Kim Hong In just has one problem in mind: he is too feminine.

He said, “When I got picked on by guy friends because I had hearing difficulties ever since I was young, the only other person who accepted and protected me was a girl classmate. Ever since, I became feminine as I started hanging out with girl friends.”

Hong In added, “I want to become a stronger man so that I could protect my future girlfriend,” and asked 2PM for hints, “The method of becoming a beastly man.”

Chansung and Junho gladly answered his requests by going above and beyond. They displayed their tough charms and refreshingly revealed both of their abs, something that the two boys rarely do on variety shows.

Chansung and Junho also showed ways that one could radiate their manliness through simple things such as greeting people, talking, and dancing.

Shortly after 2PM’s interesting instruction, Hong In walked towards f(x)’s Luna, toughly pulled her towards him and bravely proposed to Luna, surprising her.

credit:allkpop - popasian

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