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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100704 Collecting Signatures, Requesting Changmin to hold a Fan Meeting in Japan

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An article from a Japanese blog

2010-07-04 08:47:03
Collecting Signatures, requesting Changmin to hold a fan meeting in Japan

From before, there were requests raised in this blog for Changmin to hold a fan meeting in Japan.

The number of times Changmin came to Japan has decreased even from before Tohoshinki’s activities has been suspended.
He has come here for only magazine coverages and participating in Chanel’s show.
We are very lonely.
I keep remembering Changmin, who was playful with Junsu and Jaejoong.
Changmin, who was laughing together with Yoochun and Junsu, saying "Tai tai".
Changmin, whom I saw in the movie theater the other day. (T/N: The movie "TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE" is now on screen in the theathers)
Changmin, who has grown up, from a boy to a young man.
Of course, we are looking forward to meeting Changmin in the drama^^
But, that is Changmin in the TV.

When I try to write about Changmin,
I remember Changmin in a-nation 2009, and tears roll down my cheek.
Oh, I am crying already (lol)
Changmin, who was struggling, at a loss of words, dropping the phrases of the songs,
trying to ignore the hyeong’ voices, looking a little bit angry, just like a angry little boy.
Maybe he was thinking that the a-nation should be the last stage for the 5 members together.
I went to a-nation in delightful tears that I could meet the 5 members,
and came back crying, seeing Changmin, the 5 members, and hearing Yunho’s and Junsu’s shouts “I love Bigeast”.
Thinking back, I was always in tears in 2009.

When will the drama be on-aired?
There seems to be some schedules, but afterwards, what will happen?
What will become of their contract with the Japanese management company?
We do not know anything.
It is too painful to wait, knowing nothing.

But, but, we want to meet you, meet you.
There are so many fans here that want to meet you, and waiting for you.
There are so many here in Japan.

So, let’s convey our feelings to Changmin!

There is no concrete confirmation that Changmin can hold a fan meeting in Japan by collecting the signatures.
Maybe all of our works will be in vain.
But, we want to support you, we want to meet you, Changmin in Japan, we want to hear your voice.
For those participating the collection, please think that this will be our chance to convey our feelings to Changmin, now in Korea.
Please send your comments to this article, and I will summarize them, and send them to SM Entertainment in Korea.
I will send them together with the thousand paper origami cranes, which I have already collected.

1. I have omitted the explanation part how to send the comments, since the blog author is requesting that the comments to be in Japanese.
2. Only 12 hours have passed since this article was posted, and I can see more than 1100 comments, all requesting for the fan meeting.

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