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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100704 HTTG Event in Kobe - Yunho still remains the same Yunho he was

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Yunho's fan meeting had ended
I am back!
Today I attended both sessions in Kobe.
Today's Yunho gave us this kind of impression
He looks great~
Where was yesterday's Yunho? (T/N: She means Yunho did not look as fatigue as yesterday)
MC was petite Shiru-san
She was talking in cheerful mood.
Introducing Yunho and Ara
She did exactly the same in first and second session... haighz...
But, that was the routine....
In the part where Yunho read aloud the letter, everyone cried as expected.
We cried, because we were touched, that we could hear Yunho's voice again, and could listen to him talking about the past.
Can see the smile on Yunho's face, is the greatest wealth and enjoyment for me.
I am pleased because I felt it is still the same like last year, as if nothing significant has changed.

When the event ended, my friend told me,
'Yunho still remains the same Yunho he was'
I think this is a matter of course.
All have been mentioned in these words.

At last, Yunho left us these,
'We shall meet again!'
Oh Yeah! Yunho!
Oh! Our Yunho!
Please do not break your promise~
Do you know that, there's no reason (for you to break the promise).
Because of this Yunho, I fall deeply in love again.
Yunho ah~~~ Thank you!

T/N: The following part was written by this Japanese fan to her friend
Chin gu ah~~~
Your love has been sent
Now can cry emotionally and wholeheartedly

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