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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100706 Kangta "Celebrities Must Be Held Responsible For Their Contracts As Well"

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"If they have signed a contract, celebrities must keep that promise"

Singer Kangta has stressed that celebrities, not only entertainment agencies, must be held responsible for problems in contract relationships in the entertainment industry.

Kangta attended the meeting held at 10 am KST at Room 128 in the National Assembly Congressional Hall. The meeting, named 'The Results and Measures to Develop the Celebrity Standard Contract After One Year of Implementation', was held to talk of the use and problems of the stand celebrity contract as well as ways to improve the situation in the entertainment industry.

Kangta stated his opinions on the development of the standard contract based on his own experiences as a celebrity.

Kangta stated, "Because the mentality of 'A celebrity who has broken a promise once, will probably do it again.' exists, I hope that people reflect deeply on the consequences before they sign a contract.
And when they do sign a contract, they must keep that promise."

Regarding the relationship between celebrities and entertainment agencies, Kangta stated, "I don't think that celebrities and agencies are in an employer-employee relationship or a 'master an servant' relationship.
I personally think that from the moment a contract is signed, the two become partners who complement each other."

He also said, "No matter how many clauses are in a contract, if there is no trust as partners between the two sides, that contract will not benefit either side," and
"I hope that agencies lead celebrities to the right path, not only as celebrities but as a partner in business. And when these celebrities fall for temptation is goes astray, I urge agencies to become advisers and lead celebrities back to the right path."

Kangta stated, "Contracts should be signed and created based on each individual's situation and plans," and pointed out that contracts need to become more detailed to match each person.

He also said,
"It is not sensible to choose a set contract period and ignore each person's situation. It would be better for all if each individual was given a contract that fitted their individual circumstances and situations."

Kangta first entered the entertainment industry as a member of HOT in 1996 and has since worked with SM Entertainment without changing entertainment agencies for the past 15 years.

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