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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100707 'Musical Goong' Begins Rehearsals.. Yunho "I Will Focus Completely On Goong"

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The cast and crew of 'Musical-Goong' got together for their first rehearsal and made vows for the future of the show.

At the first rehearsal of 'Musical-Goong', which occurred on the 6th in a rehearsal room in Seoul, the cast and crew officially greeted each other for the first time followed by a four hour walk session and script run-through.

The cast who received the official script for the run-through had serious expressions on their faces like students holding tests in their hands. In the confrontational scene between Prince Lee Shin (U-Know Yunho) and Lee Yul (Lee Chang Hee), the two actors played their roles so realistically that the air crackled with tension.

On this day, fans who came to cheer for the musical's first rehearsal arrived with food and utilities for the cast and crew. They sent their warm support as they said, "The anticipation for 'Musical-Goong' is higher than ever. We are visiting to try to help the cast and crew in any way that we can."

U-Know Yunho and Run made sure that each cast and crew member received their food by handing out the boxes of food themselves, an act that was met by cheers from their fellow cast and staff members.

U-Know Yunho made a vow and said, "Since I'm a rookie in the musical industry, I will act and think like a rookie. I'm also the youngest of the male cast members. (laughter) This is the first time that the staff and cast of 'Musical-Goong' have all gotten together and I will concentrate and do my best for the musical."

When rehearsals were done, the cast and crew moved to Daehakro to hold a party to pray for the success of the musical.

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