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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100709 Korean Entertainers' Annual Income Is KRW$28.5 Million

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According to statistics released by the National Tax Service on 7 July, TV actors, singers, models and other entertainers, have an average annual income of KRW$28.5 million. This is KRW$10 million less than the average annual income of office workers (KRW$38.2 million).

The National Tax Service used the value-added tax exempted incomes of practitioners in 2008 as a basis and conducted a statistical analysis of annual incomes for freelance practitioners and service providers. The results showed that among entertainers, TV actors have a higher income than singers and models. In 2008, a total of 12,029 TV actors filed to be exempted from value-add taxes with a combined income of almost KRW$463.7 billion, with an average income of KRW$38 million a year.

In contrast, out of 3,152 singers, their average annual income was only KRW$26 million, which is only two thirds of the average office worker's income. Out of the 6,238 models, their average annual income was only KRW$11 million, making barely KRW$1 million a month*. This figure is equivalent to legal minimum wage levels.

An official of the National Tax Service expressed, "The reported revenues, aside from personal incomes, also include all other expenses. With that, it can be said that at present, a large majority of entertainers are having difficulty making ends meet."

* KRW$1 million = USD$836 (approx)

t/n: I know it doesn't specifically mention TVXQ members, but I think it's food for thought.

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