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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100711 Junsu Ray Magazine August Issue

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As a member of TVXQ, Junsu ventures into the music world as a solo artist!

Junsu's new song 'Intoxication' which was recorded in his solo single 'Xiah', includes the dance genre of matureness that fully displayed of his talent in singing.

"'Intoxication' brings a completely new side of me. It conveys the sexiness of men. The dance track has a club-feel, it exposes the truth side of myself without any reservation. Therefore, while performing, the vast dynamic range and large intervals would amplify and is also sang sexily!"

The music style of 'Intoxication' is something which I have always wanted to try out. On the other hand, '悲しみのゆくえ (Kanashimi no Yukue )' is an opposite of 'Intoxication'. It is a expressive composition which conceal one's sorrow. It says about someone who wanted to confess to a person he loves yet wondering if the person would understand and accept your feelings."

Able to walk on the path of music, Junsu is greatly affected by the impact of his mother。

"My mother really loves music. She was once approached by a management agency which hoped that she'll become an artiste, and this is the reason why she's so happy when I became one. It makes me scared sometimes when my performances or compositions are somehow similar to hers, she really did leave a huge impact on me. Now that I've become more professional than what I used to be, I no longer need her advice. Sometimes I would hear those words from her "After hearing such words, I feel lonely and complicated."

Junsu, who feels like he has only just embarked on the journey to become an artist said, "I've never really considered what type of artist I'd like to be, but I hope that my songs will last for the rest of eternity. As long as there are people who liked and enjoyed my music, I will continue to sing regardless of the time and situation. It is the things that I love which motivate me to sing.

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