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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100721 A Message from Yoochun’s Mother concerning Childhood Photos

Source: Butani Shinju (Shiori’s blog) & My Treasure (romi’s blog)
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Some of the photos are not true

2010-07-12 01:19:07
A Message from Yoochun’s Mother

I will write the words of Yoochun’s mother, “Please convey my message to the Japanese fans”, which I received the last time I went to Korea.

We brought to Yoochun’s mother a birthday message for Yoochun, made in a photo album style.
Please check my previous article for details.

Since Yoochun’s mother rapidly passed through the childhood photos, I said “I like Yoochun’s childhood pictures, too.”

Then, Yoochun’s mother responded by saying,
“These pictures are not Yoochun’s!”

OMG------------( ゚-゚)( ゚ロ゚)(( ロ゚)゚((( ロ)~゚ ゚

I was rather in panic, so with the interpreter’s help, I tried to grasp the situation.
According to Yoochun’s mother,
”The Korean fans seem to be posting unknown children’s pictures by just the reason they look like Yoochun in their homepages. And, the Japanese and Chinese fans who saw the pictures misunderstood them as the true Yoochun’s pictures.”

I said that we can take off the pictures right there, and then, it was decided that the pictures should be taken off, since the album will be passed to immediately to Yoochun. We used the scissors, and took off the pictures!
In order to do so, Yoochun’s mother and his aunt looked through each picture, and divided the photos to true and untrue ones.
(T/N: Since the explanation in the blog itself was a little bit vague, I have reconfirmed with the blog author. The photo of the boy in sky blue clothes and the boy standing in front of the car in a brown coat, they are not Yoochun’s photos. The red cap boy’s photo, which was even introduced in a TV program, cannot be confirmed as Yoochun’s. The above photos were the ones which the blog author took off the album and brought with her back to Japan.)

The atmosphere there became a little bit unstable,
but Yoochun’s mother said “We knew from before, but we haven’t taken our time to say them out.”
And his aunt said, “(The days when the boys were children) were years ago, I can hardly remember. Yoochun’s Mother’s words should be correct.”, and she lent her hand, too.

The following 4 pictures are the ones that I brought to Korea. Both true and untrue Yoochun’s are mixed, so please do not misunderstand.
(T/N: Pictures on the PC screen)

The latter two photos are those of Park brothers.
Mother said, “Oh! These are really photos of Yoochun and Yoohwan” (‐^▽^‐)
(T/N: so the latter two photos should be true.)

They lent us scissors, and we cut them up.
The interpreter lent her hand, too. She said, “I am so sorry, your album is now full of spaces. But Mother is directly saying these words.”
I thanked her for her concerns.

I told them that I will love and study a little bit more.

Yoochun’s family was warm, I was relieved.
Yoochun’s aunt was staying by my side the whole time…I really like her(*゜▽゜ノノ゛
Oh, Yoochun’s mother was very kind, too.

I do not have any idea how far this story would spread.
But I was requested to do so.
Since my blog is not so big, I have no idea how to spread the story.
Everyone, I would appreciate your cooperation in spreading this story.

(few sentences omitted)

I thought I should write this article in Chinese, too…
But! Oh! I think the story would spread in a while~ I hope so.
(T/N: I hope so, too. Can somebody lend me a hand, lol?)

2. From Japanese Blog “My Treasure”

(few sentences omitted)

The photo of the boy in blue clothes were spreading out quite recently.
I was wondering…whether or not is this the real Yoochun?
Though the face of children differ week by week, I thought that the face (in the blue clothes) differ from the one taken together with Yoohwan.
But many blog authors were saying that they are Yoochun’s…so I thought, maybe Yes, maybe No..

It is the same with Tohoshinki’s lawsuit news, but once the information is posted on the internet, the news spreads at top speed.
There are many that believe in false information, without confirming the true facts.
Bad luck chain mails are the same, we should not believe in them and spread false reports.
Yoochun’s mother should have known for a while that the photos are not Yoochun’s, but since they were spread at top speed, she couldn’t do anything.
This time, I am thankful for this blog author.
Thank you very much.
It is the same with Tohoshinki problems, we should only believe in the voices of the actual members.

(other sentences omitted)

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