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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100723 Fujinkoron Editor Blog: A Great Response for Yunho!

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The latest interview of Yunho that is just published, have you read it yet?

Despite it’s just released yesterday,
the editor already received a lot of warm messages,
such a struck of deep inspiration to an editor!

Speaking of inspiration, the day of shooting was a full of joy as well.
Once Yunho-san entered the studio, he greeted all staffs politely.
While to me, he said this.

“I ever did an interview last year in Fujinkoron, so this is my second time meeting you. Please take care of me.”

Last year, TVXQ appeared in ‘Fujinkoron’ 7/No.22 issue, he remembered us from that time.

He must meet many people from work every day,
but even remembering that just one day, moreover when there wasn’t even any magazine interview at that time…

It’s obvious that Yunho always values and gives a lot of concern to each and every single work of him, I feel like tearing up.

And, the shooting started.

The photographer Kobayashi-san’s tone and exposure are perfect.
There was an excitement among staffs,
He showed a lot of various expressions.

The cool Yunho,
Yunho who is pouring coffee,
Yunho who is scanning through documents,
and Yunho……. doing a peace sign.

The charm exists in every part of Yunho’s face.
Which Yunho that is most favorite by everyone?
While me, my favorite one is Yunho biting the chocolate.

Oh, and from where the chocolate Yunho ate comes,
since there have been several questions about that coming to the editor,
I’ll take this opportunity to tell you.

Actually, it was me, the editor who brought gift from French Jeff de Bruges.
In between interview, all staffs and Yunho ate it deliciously.
If you look it more closely, the chocolate has soccer ball pattern on it.
You won’t find it in Japan Jeff de Bruges.
This design is a World Cup limited edition season.
So unfortunately you may not get the same chocolate design as it is.

Now, here is the good information.
We will present an autographed picture of Yunho to one person!
If you’re chosen, then you’re really lucky.
Please apply soon with the postcard ticket that is attached in the magazine.

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