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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : 100727 SPUR September Issue - Yunho's Interview

Credits: TVXQBaidu + cheersyoonho
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
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Yunho: To lift your head up high while moving forward happily is better than lowering your head in sorrow

'Acting is a new challenge, and the character gives me positive thinking.'
With the height of 184cm, fascinating beautiful dancing and captivated vocal. Artist who is able to use this superiority to steal away someone’s soul in Japan is Yunho. As TVXQ's leader who leads the members, he has to control his desire more than anyone else.
Today, standing at the highest idol position, he still hasn't satisfied with it, day after day, he continues to strive hard repeatedly. To be able to encounter a new self, he continuously tries the new challenge. That's the actor he challenged. Last year, through drama 'HTTG' which broadcasted in Korea, he revealed his acting skills as a new actor, and induced a hot topic.

'From the view of everyone in Japan, heading to the ground is a bit shocking way of saying. Because the ground is wide and thick, it is going to be very painful if heading there, and at the same time is very strange too. (lol) However, in Korea it has the meaning of having courage to try even though impossible to made it, it is a proverb which can be used to express surprise reaction in daily conversation. For example, you can say like this to a guy who wants to confess to a girl who seems to be unapproachable. "That is heading to the ground!! (lol)"

Bong Goon which is starred by Yunho is a soccer player, who is passionate towards things around him. After disbandment of his team, he overcomes adversity and finally becomes a top player.

For me, this drama series is also 'heading to the ground'. Because I challenged stunt action in this drama, I had let the people around me worried, and I was disheartened too, "Am I able to play Bong Goon's role well?" However, the person who supported me at that moment was still Bong Goon. Whenever I feel troubled and uneasy, I will always think of, "What will Bong Goon do?" He will overcome the hardship whenever he faces difficulties. He is a strong and confident person. When I attached myself to this character, I have the same attitude as him, therefore I manage to overcome whatever obstacle in front of me.

During the interview, Yunho smiled and said, 'I realised I have becoming Bong Goon!!"
'Life is not only full of happiness. Even after the ending of the drama too, there are still sad and sorrow moments. Whenever that happened, Bong Goon in my heart will wake up my never give up spirit.’

The dangerous path can turn into the treasure of life if keep on walking on it.
Yunho said he became optimistic after meeting Bong Goon. He mentioned the similarity he shared with him, since Bong Goon is a strong person who overcomes hardship by his own too. His working experiences in his youth to earn for his sister's school fees, and in order to pursue his dreams as an artist, Yunho who spent few years without seeing the day of debut after he passed audition when he was 14 years old.
'In fact, I am originally a positive thinking person. However, if compared to the past, the method is a bit different now. For example, in the past I had the consciousness about my responsibility as a leader. I need to let the others heard "it’s ok" this kind of saying every time, and always been keeping this positive frame of mind. However, even I don't have this kind of responsibility now, I will still naturally think of whether there is a need to say "ah, it is ok." Now I become gentler to myself. After I overcome hardship with Bong Goon, I understand that something can be learned from any obstacle. Even it is a dangerous path, if do not give up and continue to walk along it, it will also turn into my pathway to prosperity in successful life. Because of this thought, the previous feelings of insecurity and fear had disappeared.

The most important is "Shouldn't lower your head in sorrow but lift up your head to move forward happily" With the smile on his face, till where does Yunho proceed now?
'My target is, as an artist, to be able to compose songs which can be maintained in everyone's heart. And then, show everyone my different images. Due to this, I am working hard to discover the new side of me as an artist Yunho.

Today is a special day. In order to keep on improving, training and various courses for sure can't be left out. Having tight schedule everyday, don't you feel stress?
‘I will go out at that time. I will be jogging along Han River, and sometimes off to the sea. Feeling the speed, and the beautiful scenery outside the car's windows are unforgettable. I become energetic once I reached home.'

The life of going to and fro between Korea and Japan is tiring. 'Although it is difficult, but I am enjoying it too.' Yunho laughed while saying this.
'Japan has motsu steamboat, donburi, curry udon, curry... Japan has a lot of delicious cuisine isn’t it? (lol) This afternoon I have eaten my favourite gyudon. It is really delicious!'

Yunho, who will think over things he has done in one day under the blanket before sleeping.
'I feel a bit lonely at that moment. Because today already ended, and couldn't turn it back. Due to this, everyday is important to me and I have to work hard everyday. If continue to accumulate the special everyday, every year, and a lifetime, it will turn into something special. Is today going to be a wonderful day? In fact it is! Can attend SPUR's photo shooting session I feel very glad, and because I have eaten gyudon this afternoon too!' (lol)

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