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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : Rising Star Yunho, A High Motivation to Perform in Japanese Drama

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During the first week release, “No Limit ~ Heading to The Ground~” DVD-BOX I and II recorded 14,000 copies sales and respectively hold the 1st and 2nd position in ORICON drama ranking, showing a tremendous popularity of this Korean drama. In order to celebrate this achievement, an event called Premium Fan Event was held at Tokyo International Forum in Yurakucho, Tokyo. The male lead Yunho (TVXQ) appeared at the event, expressed his grateful to more than 10,000 fans who attended.

‘No Limit’ is a drama about a talented yet trouble maker soccer player Cha Bong Gun (Yunho), from his team disbandment to traffic accidents, he met with his agent and has a love affair with her, a kind of comedy romantic drama about a fresh young man struggling for his dream.

As ‘soccer’ was the main theme of the drama, when he was asked whether he’s interested with World Cup which is currently being held, “I watch every game! There are so many broadcasts at night, therefore I always wake up late in the following days (laughs)” revealing that his likeness to soccer.

He also added, “I’m glad that overall, Asia is getting stronger. For Japanese player, I think Honda Keisuke was really cool. He was decisive in the Denmark game, and his free-kick was brilliant.” a comment about one Japanese soccer player was said.

Regarding his first work in TV drama, he was asked to give his point of attention when acting, “When I’m on stage as an artist, people will see my image as strong and tough, however this time (as an actor) I’m portraying a gentle and friendly image. This is a new side of myself, I’m glad that all of you are able to see that,” told the unique perspective of him on acting.

Following his first leading role in the drama, in Korea, Yunho is already set to act in his first musical work, ‘Goong’ in which he’s been decided to be the leading role as well. Therefore Yunho can not be seen only as a singer now, as he already makes his efforts to work as an actor. Probably the day when he will be seen in Japanese movies and dramas won’t be too far away.

Yunho himself stated, “If there’s a chance, I want to make work appearance in Japan. I love some former Japanese dramas and movies, I watched a lot of them. While “MR. BRAIN”, “DEATH NOTE” (06) are my favorite.” revealing his willingness. In addition to that, “Japanese anime is also great. In fact, I love the releases from STUDIO GHIBLI. I’m looking forward to ‘Karigurashi no Arrietti’ very much.” giving an unexpected review.

As an actor, Yunho is expected to have a promising future. The DVD footage of this event will be released along with the soundtrack on August 25th (Wednesday), so please anticipate that.

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