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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 : Yoochun’s manager investigated for assault

Source: Newsen
Trans by: CHLOEJN @ allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights

Singer/actor Micky Yoochun’s manager is currently being investigated for assault.

On July 26th, a netizen posted an assertive entry on information site, Nate Pann, claiming that his younger sibling was assaulted and had heard harsh profanity from Yoochun’s manager. This post exploded subsequently because of the content and received a hot response on the internet, besides its possibility of being inauthentic.

The writer of the post explained that his younger sibling had met Yoochun at a snack bar by chance. There, the manager became hostile and began to argue. Eventually, the manager even hit the sibling on the cheek. The writer added that he had CCTV footage and witnesses to prove his story. This netizen stated that he could not comprehend the unbelievable behavior being showed by Yoochun’s manager.

However, Micky Yoochun’s side claimed otherwise.

On the 27th, Yoochun’s manager revealed to Newsen in a phone interview saying, “I didn’t hit, all I did was push… The push has been exaggerated to assault. They were pushed in efforts to keep back the crowding fans… I am currently being investigated by the police… What the opposing side is claiming is definitely not the truth.”

This event is currently being investigated by the Gyeonggi-do police.

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