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DBSK – TVXQ – 東方神起 – 동방신기 :

source: BaiduTVXQ + 피파니아닷컴
translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

On February 2010, TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong was ranked number one on Japan’s CDTV ‘Most Wanted Lover’ chart (males).

In these recent years, Japan TBS music channel ‘CDTV’ had been constantly releasing the artists ranking for ‘Most Wanted Lover’ chart. But the top 20-chart that was released this 13th February, TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong had won the first position. Though it is a non-music related chart, and the fact that it’s a chart that based on ‘popularity of music’ + ‘attractive of the stars’ + ‘influential ability’ that grade Japan popular groups and singers, therefore this results had surprised many Japan and Korea fans.

No matter how popular TVXQ is at Japan, local Japanese artists also have their own intrinsic strength, moreover their strong foundation. The voting result this time had not only gone beyond the Korea field (they had long gone beyond it), also gone beyond the international field, at the same time gone beyond the topic of shorten popularity, this is a good reflection of how much Japanese fans love TVXQ and Hero JaeJoong which is really interesting and amazing. Especially when the four members of TVXQ including JaeJoong himself had also successfully entered the top 10 chart (Micky YooChun at 3rd, ChoiKang ChangMin at 6th and Xiah JunSu at 7th), result in KAT-TUN, Arashi and other Japanese top group members ranking to drop a few places. In recent years, members of these groups had dominated the chart rankings. Therefore the result this year had created much impact on the fans.

Though this result is shocking, but to think about it clearly, it’s not something impossible too. To be frank, we have always find it weird, why our country (in this article it means Korea) and Asia have yet to be captured by JaeJoong’s charms and stage charisma completely. This person’s charm is beyond standard, till a point that you can’t calmly focus on his singing. People who attended their live concert for the first time whispered, “JaeJoong singing is this good woo!”, this kind of situation had happened for many times, impossible to explain them one by one.

Hero JaeJoong’ singing ability is not just averagely good, though Xiah JunSu’s singing ability had received the highest complements, however the strong duet formation by the two of them is then the powerful leading pillar of TVXQ. JaeJoong leads the group in coordinating the combination of voice, tone, volume, range, expression, interpretation of the song lyrics, leading choral composition, balance control, harmonizing each member as a lead vocal, there’s nothing to be picky about him. Not only that, he never stop learning and analyzing, searching for new type of singing method. In order to expand all different type of expression in music genres, every stage performance is just like experiments to him, putting his best to interact with the audiences, to input all his strength onto influencing the whole performance. It will take a long time to list down all JaeJoong’s musical talents, it would take some efforts to introduce them one by one. His look is the best in Asia, just his singing ability itself can also consider as the top in Asia too, even his attitude towards music, it’s the same as well.

What’s more alarming is that, his capability increased as time goes by. Recently, his creation pieces had also received lots of compliments, very outstanding. The album that TVXQ released last year included two pieces by Hero JaeJoong, consider as two of the most memorable pieces of the album. With self composed music and lyrics, which was really remarkable. Seems like this article is focusing on all the conventional kind of praising, however all that was listed above were magically the facts. Such dazzling combination of their charms as a celebrities and flexibility in music are something hard to believe even seeing with own eyes.

“Are what you said true?” there is people who asked, please take your time to experience is to confirm it. Start from 18th October 2008 “SBS Love Letter’ talk show, the song that Hero JaeJoong sang with ChoiKang ChangMin ‘Its Raining Men’ and ‘In The Still Of The Nite’ to experience it, and also the famous SMAP hit song ‘Lion Heart’ that was sang by TVXQ on 20th March 2009 on Japan FujiTV music show ‘Our Music’. In these program, Hero JaeJoong had showed that its no longer enough to use praises like ‘handsome’ and ‘sang it so well’, what he presented had gone beyond surreal, like a drama-like image. In addition to the ‘Boy Pop Factory ‘09’ that was broadcasted last year by FujiTV, the live performances together with Micky YooChun had also shown their sense of music as well.

The ranking of their Japan live tour DVD ’09 had never dropped on the sale chart, looking at the results of the CDTV ranking this time round, seems like every fans at Japan had recognized their talents, so it’s not surprising that almost every members have entered to the top 10 of the chart, because fans are people who appreciate the true value of the five after experiencing it themselves.

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