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Hangeng walks out on a variety show in China?

After moving on as a solo artist, Hangeng has found himself caught up in a scandal in China.

On the 6th, Hangeng took part in a recording of 大牌生日會, which was another program he went on after seeking to terminate his contract from SM Entertainment.

But Hangeng had to stop the filming and received a lot of criticism for doing so.

On this day, he was making everyone laugh with his humor and looked very happy. But suddenly, actress Niu Meng Meng (牛萌萌) came on to the stage and it evoked problems. In 2008, the two were part of a scandal.

There were many rumors going around that the two were dating and that is why the program decided to invite her, to create more drama. On stage, the two of them said,“The scandal in the past was a misunderstanding. We are good friends.”

But when the manager realized this situation, he got a bit angry. He reasoned, “This is not right for the program to do.” He then pulled Hangeng out of filming and left.

The filming stopped there and the program’s rep said, “We prepared for this Hangeng special over a long period of time. We feel shocked.”

Niu Meng Meng said, “We told Hangeng before.”

The Chinese fans are thus badmouthing Hangeng for leaving filming as it looks like Hangeng really just does whatever he wants.

Hangeng’s manager, Sun Le has instead rebuked the show’s PD, Song Jia Yi and host Huang Xiao Lei for distorting the truth and using Hangeng for promotion.

He expressed, “We are sorry to the fans and Hangeng’s staff and also thank them for their support. As for the walkout, we felt that the program’s PD did not commuicate with us properly about the program’s content and sought to keep it secret which was tantamount to lying. Despite Hangeng doing his best to cooperate with the show’s host, it led to the latter chiding Hangeng for putting on airs instead. We were also unhappy with them for bringing Hangeng’s family onto the show without prior notice and their attempts to put down Hangeng after the walkout. Because of the damage caused to Hangeng’s image, we will consider legal action if needed.”

As filming was abandoned midway, this episode will not make it for broadcast.

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