viernes, julio 16

Jay Park is officially part of the Sidus HQ family

Jay Park has finally signed on the dotted line with Sidus HQ, one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea.

Starting on the 15th, today, he officially became part of this company. It must be weird because he used to be underJYP Entertainment which is like a family and now he will be having that type of relationship with the top actors of Korea in his new company.

Both parties had verbally agreed on a contract before today.

Sidus said, “The album he has out now is done through Vitamin Entertainment so we can’t do too much with that, but we won’t have our hands off it completely.”

Regarding his fanmeeting they said, “The fanmeetings are being organized by his American company, so we can’t get involved.”

This means Sidus will concentrate on getting him some big opportunities in his singing and acting career in Korea, are you guys excited for it?

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