martes, julio 27

Johnny's boys that can't do Backflips

Jun Matsumoto (26) revealed on TV this week that he and Sho Sakurai (28) are the only members of Arashi who cannot somersault, reports Techinsight.

On July 19, Matsumoto and drama co-star Yuko Takeuchi had appeared on a special of “ネプリ-グ (Nepurigu)”, during which Matsumoto was asked whether he could do a somersault – a characteristic dance move Johnny’s is famous for.

The singer surprised people saying he and Sakurai couldn’t, and continued to explain why.

“When we were in Johnny’s Jr., we did the background dancing for groups like KinKi Kids and V6.

“If you could do a somersault, you were told to do somersaults during every song while you danced in the background of our (Johnny’s) seniors.

“I thought my body wouldn’t be able to take it if I continuously did somersaults.

“So from the beginning I told them (instructors) I couldn’t, and that helped me to focus on dancing,” he said.

While it had been known for a while that Sakurai could not somersault, his explanation was slightly different.

It has been reported that on a different show, Sakurai said he had been practising somersaults during his Johnny’s Jr. years, but one day got it wrong and ended up looking “like a frog who landed on its back”. It was this incident that had made him give up on the move all together.


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