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Jung YongHwa’s ideal type of woman is not SeoHyun but Japanese actress Ueno Juri

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa confesses that his ideal type of woman is not his made-believe wife for We Got Married SeoHyun.

Jung YongHwa was asked “Who is your ideal type? SeoHyun’s husband YongHwa ssi,” during his guest appearance on SBS PowerFM ‘Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime’ on 5th July. And he chose shyly Japanese actress Ueno Juri. He said, “I really like SeoHyun. She has personality… But I fell for Ueno Juri watching her in drama ‘Nodame Cantabile’. I really her in the drama.”

Member MinHyuk’s unique description of his ideal type also garnered much interests, “I like girls who can pull off baseball caps, whether she has long or short hair.” JungShin then commented, “I’m the first one to say that I like girls who can pull off baseball caps. I like someone who has fair complexion and looks good in skinny jeans, and when I see her, I get the right feelings.”

JongHyun said, “I like someone who is humorous and fun, and I can talk well with. Someone who looks good in jeans.”


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