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Kangin enlists in the army

Super Junior’s Kangin (25) has enlisted himself into the army on July 5th where he will receive five weeks of basic military training at Nonsan army training center as a recruit.

Thereafter, he will be assigned to another unit where he will serve for the next two years as an active soldier.

All active Super Junior members and more than 400 fans from Korea, Japan, Thailand and China who were gathered early this morning, were at the army training center’s entrance to send Kangin off.

Kangin had opted to serve his military service much earlier than what most entertainers do after a series of brushes with the law last year. Kangin had announced of his plans on entering the army at a fan meeting held on May, promising to return as a better and more mature person. Let’s all wish him the best of luck for the two-year-long journey ahead of him. He will return in 2012.

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