martes, julio 27

Kyuhyun gave a dinner treat?

Super Junior’s youngest member Kyuhyun paid for everyone’s dinner during a meaningful event celebratingSuper Junior’s final promotional stage for their newest song.

On the 25th, fellow member Ryeowook posted Kyuhyun’s picture on his Twitter. In the picture, Kyunhyun was shown crowded among people looking slightly sad and Ryeowook jokingly wrote alongside the picture, “If you want to know why his face is like this, go to Heechul’s Twitter and check.”

Meanwhile, on Heechul’s Twitter, he tweeted, “Dinner meal for the last stage. Rock, paper, scissors in order to pay for thirty portions of meat + nangmyun noodles + shabu shabu,” and along with this comment there is a video showing the members and the manager playing a game of rock, paper and scissors.

The reason why Kyuhyun had to pay for everyone’s dinner was because he had lost this game. Furthermore, Heechul wrote that because Kyuhyun had to go back to the dorm and come back, he was not able to eat one bite of this meat and expressed sympathy towards the youngest member.

Super Junior finished their last promotional stage through Inkigayo on the 25th, and on a side note, Kyuhyun finally followed the rest of the members’ footsteps and opened up his own Twitter account.

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