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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon becomes an MC for a variety show

’s Lee Joon has been in the spotlight lately, taking part in various variety shows and becoming much more popular. With that, Lee Joon will be partaking in QTV’sRanking Women as a new MC alongside current MC Lee Hwi Jae (from Quiz to Change the World).

The show welcomes ten single female celebrities every week to take part in the show to do various missions, and get ranked from the skills they show off.

The first recording took place back on June 30th where Lee Joon expressed, “It’s truly an honor to participate in a show with ten beautiful women.to which he followed-up with an impressive dance.

A new segment was also created on the show entitled Ranking Joon where Lee Joon personally gave challenges to each female, and ranked them one by one afterwards on how they performed.

Also included in the first episode is a special challenge which was to do a sexy dance that appealed to Lee Joon. Hyun Young had Lee Joon sweating like a pig with her suggestive chair dance, and Lee Ji Hyun’s sexy dance, however Jung Joori had Lee Joon running out the back door with her shocking “saliva dance” causing much laughter from the entire studio.

This episode will air on July 8th at 11pm KST.

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