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MBLAQ’s Mir locks lips with a female celebrity

Mnet Scandal, MBLAQ maknae Mir, a female celebrity a bit too affectionate for her own good, and a kiss: seems like the perfect recipe for a fangirl’s nightmare, right?

Unfortunately, all these things came together on the June 30 episode of this notorious Mnet program. After receiving a big hug from a certain young lady, Mir fended off attempts at a kiss only to receive a long smooch on the lips to his dismay. Check out the thirty-second clip below:

Gals, lighten up – it’s just a sibling kiss! As you may have guessed by now, this mystery woman is none other than Mir’s big sis Go Eun Ah, a famous actress most known for her roles in Golden Apple and Vacation. In this episode of Mnet Scandal, Go Eun Ah goes on a date with a young man and hangs out with Mir for a little while. I can’t decide which detail I enjoy more – Mir’s dismay at the end of the clip, or Eun Ah’s date awkwardly looking on as the third wheel during the kiss.

Mir & Go Eun Ah’s sibling love has been widely talked about by fans and we’ve seenselca’s of these two across the internet, so it’s nice to see the dorky duo together on television. Of course this was just platonic, but I bet there are plenty of girls (and guys) out there who’d kill to be in either of these celebrity’s shoes.

Thanks to ellie for the tip!

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