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MBLAQ’s Seungho is nervous on Shim Shim Ta Pa

MBLAQ’s leader Seungho replaced Super Junior Shindong’s DJ spot for one night on Shim Shim Ta Pa. He hosted alongside KARA’s Gyuri, the show’s other DJ.

The staff said, “Seungho and Gyuri are good friends in real life but Seungho was still incredibly nervous. He seemed uneasy at first but he ended up talking more than Gyuri by the time it ended.”

To support Seungho, fans sent presents and G.O was also interviewed through a phone call. Netizens commented on the photos,

“Since it was his first time, even his fans were nervous but he did very well.”
“He could be a radio DJ.”
“At first, it was awkward but then it got good.”

Hopefully, he did have a good time.

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