martes, julio 13

MBLAQ’s Thunder and f(x)’s Krystal recording for The M Wave

MBLAQ’s Thunder and f(x)’s Krystal have been MCingArirang TV’s The M Wave since April. Earlier today, The M Wave updated their Twitter with a collection of pictures taken at the most recent recording of The M Wave.

The photos were posted with the following titles:

Not jealous of movie actors! Two MCs with superior looks! Chundoong & Krystal / Chundoong&Krystal posing for the cameras backstage!

Our two lovely MCs, Chundoon and Krystal’s photo parade! / The M-Wave emcees, waiting and looking adorable as usual! Chundoong&Krystal

Recording in progress!

Chundoong & Krystal on standby during the recording / Waiting for the cameras to roll again~

Fans commented, “I love you so much!! I think you are really cute together *_*” “MCs, hwaiting~♥!” “Both Chundoong & Krystal look so good looking and pretty waiting XD haha… Love you all~♥

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